Marshall's Camera

A UV or Skylight filter is most helpful in protecting the front element of that favorite lens.
We have new Hoya and Kenko brands in both monocoated, and multi-coated types.
Used filters for the bargain hunter are also available. The used UV and Skylight filters
priced below are available without boxes or containers. All filters are without scratches
but there are no Hoya, Kenko, or B+W at these prices. Ask for the bulk bargain filters.
If you are coming for a specific size call ahead as the larger sizes are not always available
in Used (but always in New.) We also have many other types of new and used filters in stock
including a large selection of Cokin in both A and P sizes.

49mm: $2.99 52mm: $3.99 55mm: $4.99 58mm: $5.99
62mm: $6.99 67mm: $7.99 72mm: $9.99 77mm: $12.99